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Whether you are looking to embark on a self-build journey or bring a new and exciting residential project to life, timber frame kit homes offer a variety of wonderful benefits. From their versatile and durable structure to offering an eco-friendly alternative to building - it is no surprise that timber frame homes already account for 90% of all newly built housing in Scotland and 20% in England.

Benefits of timber frame

Why is timber frame the fastest growing construction method in the UK?

Quick and cost effective to build

A green alternative to construction

Excellent versatility and flexibility

Energy efficiency and insulation

A more durable solution

A quick and cost effective self build solution

A quick and cost effective self build solution

Having your timber frame kit built within an off-site controlled factory means a lot of the hard work can be done before the onsite build stage begins, allowing for a quicker build time with fewer delays. Additionally, this can let you budget more accurately as factory fabrication costs and timescales can be fixed or at least monitored more closely.

Timber is a very lightweight material in comparison to others which comes with many benefits including speedy construction on-site, cheaper transportation and elimination of downtime that can be commonly seen in ‘wet’ construction. A timber frame kit has the ability to be assembled and ready for external finishes within a number of days, with no drying out time required.

An eco-friendly alternative to construction

An eco-friendly alternative to construction

With the move towards net-zero now more prevalent than ever, many of us are trying to find ways to incorporate more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into our life. For many homebuilders, timber is an attractive choice of building material due to it being a renewable and sustainable material.

Timber is a non-toxic material which means that it does not release any toxic chemicals into the building and instead stores carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide in which timber stores would otherwise be released into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas, offering a safe and eco-friendly method to building.

Additionally, timber frame kits are impressively long-lasting meaning that the rate of usage is lower than the amount of time it takes to grow and source. This gives users peace of mind that timber will always be in ample supply without needing to worry about the risk of overproduction or excessive cutting of trees.

Versatility and flexibility

Versatility and flexibility

Our timber frame kits are manufactured off-site, with the option to purchase different kit packages which not only include the timber frame structure but also additional parts such as windows, external and patio doors, insulation, skirting boards and more.

More specifically, a timber frame kit home gives you the option to choose a kit that fits your budget and desired aesthetic. When selecting or creating your timber frame package with Kirkwood Timber Frame, you have complete flexibility - allowing you to achieve your dream home, to your exact specification.

You can choose from an array of existing timber frame packages - from a structure-only kit to our full specification kit, which includes windows, doors, stairs, insulation and much more. Or you can develop a bespoke package specific to your individual requirements.

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Timber frame kits can even be built upon brownfield sites or areas with potentially harsh land conditions due to their lightweight material which makes them easier to construct than other materials. This gives both self-builders and builders and developers greater flexibility when it comes to choosing a location to build upon.

In terms of aesthetic and design features, timber frame kit homes offer an endless amount of options from traditional exposed beams to modern open-plan spaces - there are plenty of opportunities to bring the beauty of natural wood into your home. A considerable benefit of using timber is that it can be clad in any external material, often without the need for planning permission - depending on the degree of work.

One example is glazed gable windows. These are an extremely popular design feature amongst many self-builders as they are a true design statement, helping to increase the amount of natural light, take full advantage of your property views and bring the outdoors inside.

Increased energy efficiency and insulation

Increased energy efficiency and insulation

Not only is investing in an environmentally friendly home better for the environment but it can also be more economical. The structure of wood contains lots of small air pockets which limit the ability to conduct heat, making it a fantastic insulator. Due to the natural properties of the wood being able to help insulate the home, there is less need for money to be spent on heating and cooling.

Similarly, the lightweight structure of timber allows for more space to be used on additional insulation than more traditional methods such as brick. This gives you the opportunity to insulate your home to the best of your ability, as a well-insulated home requires less energy to heat - ultimately saving money and reducing energy consumption.

Excellent durability

Excellent durability

The lifespan of a timber frame can be in excess of 100 years, making it an appealing choice for homebuilders who are looking for a home that will stand the test of time.

The reasoning behind this is due to the natural properties that wood contains. Timber has the ability to absorb and release moisture making it very long-lasting, alongside being resistant to a number of corrosive chemicals. These factors coupled together make timber frame kit houses very durable and robust, reducing the need and cost of maintenance and repairs further down the line.

Further to its durability and strength, timber is a lightweight material and has the ability to last for hundreds of years. With the right care and maintenance, timber frame kits can last for a lifetime.

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