Kirkwood 380

FastBuild ClosedPanel

Fully insulated closed panel system with precise engineering

Air tight and thermally efficient

Fast speed of build

Shortened build programme

FR 30+60 min certified

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Engineered with meticulous care, each panel undergoes prefabrication in a controlled factory environment, ensuring consistent quality and reliability. These ready-insulated panels, meticulously tested and certified for fire resistance up to 30+60 minutes, are delivered to the site, equipped with a pre-fitted service cavity. Beyond its superior insulation and airtight design, this system promises accelerated construction timelines, revolutionising traditional build programmes with its unmatched speed and efficiency.

Block and render / brick / lightweight cladding

Breather paper

9.5mm OSB

140mm studs

Full fill Blown Wool 0.033 W/mK

Visqueen VCL

25mm PIR overlay

35 x 38mm service battens

Single 15mm plain plasterboard (30min) / 2 x 15mm plain plasterboard (60 min) - both Siniat plasterboard

Closed Panel 06
Closed Panel 05
Closed Panel 04
Closed Panel 03
Closed Panel 02
Closed Panel 01

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