December 21st 2023

How timber frame increases the speed of build

In this blog post, we cover the numerous ways in which timber frame increases the speed of build for builders and developers.
How timber frame increases the speed of build

At present, timber frame homes account for around 20% of all newly built housing in England and over 90% in Scotland, which is no surprise considering the speed advantages of using timber frame.

In this blog post, we cover the numerous ways in which timber frame increases the speed of build for builders and developers, such as the reduced need for labour and machinery, and so much more…

The benefits of prefabrication

Each of our timber frame kits are prefabricated at our factory in Sauchen, meaning most of the hard-work is completed off-site. Our expert team can precisely design, cut and shape the timber frame kits in a controlled environment, creating a greater level of precision. Our factory fitted insulation and other factory options, such as pre-fitted windows can be added to our offer to simplify the whole process, meaning up to 55% of the project is provided as pre-manufactured value.

One of the major benefits of producing prefabricated timber frame kits in our factory is that they are delivered to the site ready to be assembled, reducing the likelihood of delays associated with on-site construction such as adverse weather. In fact, this has the added advantage of reducing the programme of the overall project by up to 50% when compared to traditional masonry construction methods.

Furthermore, by completing the structural elements of construction in a controlled environment at our factory, this allows our expert team to provide stringent quality control throughout the process, meaning our customers get premium quality and consistent products time after time.

Rather than bring materials together and build each element manually with propensity for human error, our timber frames are assembled quickly and easily in kit form.

Timber frame is a lightweight material

Timber frame is a lighter construction method compared to brick and stone, which means it’s easier and quicker to both transport and assemble. Our customers benefit from reduced labour which not only cuts costs, but overall construction time.

Timber frame kits can typically be assembled with a reduced workforce compared to traditional building methods, as much of the construction has already been completed before the materials arrive at site. As less people are needed on-site, this alleviates some of the time spent coordinating and managing the team. In fact, a timber frame kit can be assembled and ready for finishings within just a few days, with no drying out time required which is typically associated with ‘wet’ construction.

Thanks to its lightweight nature, timber frame kits are considerably easier to construct compared to other materials, as specialist timber frame teams can often erect a complete building envelope within a day. This weight difference also means that timber frame kits often require simpler foundations in contrast to masonry construction, which again can help speed up the early stages of a project.

Versatility and flexibility

The use of timber frames offers incredible versatility and flexibility with the design of your project, which can also benefit the speed of build for builders and developers.

Timber frames can be designed to suit an range of architectural requirements such as private development detached houses, semi detached, mews or terraces, social and affordable, apartments, single storey, height and half, 2 storey and 2 and half storey (rooms in roof).

Hear from one of our experts

“With a focus on getting projects over the line as efficiently as possible without compromising on quality, along with a committed team of experts who are truly passionate about delivering the best, we believe we can improve the speed of build for customers in England, Scotland, and further afield in many ways.

“For example, our team will liaise with all invested parties throughout projects such as architects, designers, engineers, SAP assessors, product suppliers, and contractors to ensure a smooth project delivery and collaborative approach. This can add to time savings and costs in management time.”

Andy Lewis, Business Development Manager

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