May 13th 2024

Mind matters

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week (13th to 19th May 2024).
Mind matters

With figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) identifying that workers in construction are now nearly four times more likely to die by suicide than in any other sector, it is imperative that collectively, as an industry, we work harder to support our employees.

As a family, friendly business, we are committed to fostering open and honest working relationships with our team and a culture where staff feel valued, supported, and able to voice any professional or personal concerns.

This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is movement: moving more for our mental health. Tomorrow lunch time we are encouraging all of our staff – from those based at our Sauchen factory and office, to those working remotely – to put their best foot forward to enjoy a team lunch break walk.

Some of our team will stretch its legs with a walk to Cluny Castle and back - all followed by a brew and cakes.

We will be sharing some of our employees own #MomentsForMovement as we go through the rest of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Over the coming months we plan to keep up the momentum, encouraging staff to enjoy lunchbreaks, with a walk, run or catch up with colleagues outside, as the weather hopefully improves!

We hope that these initiatives will further support our staff and complement existing mechanisms we have in place, which include remote, and hybrid working options. Through these team exercises we hope it will allow all our staff time to reflect, relax and re connect with colleagues and friends.

Barbara Massie, Business Development Director said: “Mental wellbeing is so important, particularly as life can be so fast paced with many pressures to balance at both work and at home. Mental Health Awareness Week and similar initiatives are great in helping to break the stigma and encourage individuals and business to be more aware and open to talking about mental well-being.

“Communication and starting those ‘difficult conversations’ is key, and we want to ensure that our team knows there is always time to talk - and no matter what the issue, there will be somebody available to listen.”

For more information about Mental Health Awareness Week, click here.